Monday, August 16, 2010

Wild camping in Switzerland

There are a lot of rumors online about whether wild camping in Switzerland is allowed or not yet no definitive answer.
Last week I was in Switzerland, we couldn't get to the camping site before it closed. So, we drove on a small country road till we found a suitable place, we parked the car a little bit inside the woods by the roadside and we deployed our tent right next to the car. We were not bothered by anyone during the night. The next morning while we were preparing to leave, the forest rangers came, they parked right behind us and asked whether we spend the night there. We said yes, the guy asked if we threw any garbage. We said no, the guy said "Have a nice day" and left. I guess this confirms beyond no doubt that wild camping in Switzerland is competely legal if not even welcomed. We camped the next day in Zurich. We deployed the tent along with 13 other wild campers' tents on a flat freshly mowed place. We spend a peaceful night till the morning.

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Anonymous said...

No 'wild camping' is forbidden in Switzerland, but if you behave nicely as you have, it is widely tolerated, especially in the mountains. In protected areas, you may be fined.