Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PAPER ONLY for god's sake

lately, i noticed a rubbish bin @ the GUC with a label on it "Paper Only", some charity organization did it to encourage recycling of paper and so on. As i was so curious to know what would the egyptian population react to such a civilized situation :D. I went and opened the rubbish bin and looked inside, as the label saying "Paper Only" was so clear, i expected to find paper inside for a blink of an eye and then i was brought to reality -> "I Am Egyptian and i STILL Live in Egypt". I can describe what i remember i saw: 1 Molto cover, 2 Chipsy Covers, 2-3 Foam Plates, 4-6 Fluorescent lamps, 3-4 plastic glasses, and 1-2 pieces of paper. [citation needed] LOL

B1.3 Near the study rooms @ the entrance of B2.3

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baby bird can walk :D

Just wanted to keep u up with the news of my baby bird :D, now, it can walk nicely and it's getting bigger SOO fast. btw, don't u wanna get birds?? :D call me if u do :D

One more thing, today i got an amazing Christmas Gift from an amazing person, and just wanted to say thank you :).

Have a Merry Christmas for all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

New Baby Bird

i've been having birds for around 23 months now, all that time trying to breed them to have baby birds that i can tame. Now i have 3 couples, white female+ gray/white male, blue female + pale yellow male, and blue female + green/yellow male, the latest one is my most recent couple. so @ last ,15 days ago, my first baby bird hatched (for my 2nd couple) after almost 20 infertile eggs or fertile eggs that died. it looks really nice, will add a pic to it when possible isA :). now my 3rd couple has 2 eggs, they should lay their 3rd egg 2day, probably will find it when i go back home. i think i will have a nice clutch this time.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

1st Post on my Blog

Well, this is my 1st post on my blog.
i was motivated to create a blog by a friend, Fred. So am creating the blog to post the new things i invent (e5tera3ati) :D.
As i achieved a big one today, a JDM Programmer, done completely with my own hands, i think i will have another post on how can u make ur own later.